Keynote Speaking

Dave “Crusoe” Robinson is an international keynote speaker on the subjects of organizational leadership and performance improvement.

He is a former Marine fighter pilot and TOPGUN instructor with three decades of experience leading complex organizations and high-performing teams.

Popular Topics

Leading a High-Performing Team in a High-Pressure Environment

Developing a team that can consistently excel under pressure in a demanding operating environment requires focused leadership. Sharing stories and personal experiences from aircraft carriers, TOPGUN training, and combat operations, Dave delivers an inspiring message unpacking three leadership essentials that can transform your organization into a high-performing team when your mission is critical and failure is not an option.


Leading Innovation and Change in a World of Complexity and Uncertainty

The rate and magnitude of technological change in today’s global environment is driving unprecedented levels of complexity and uncertainty into business strategy and operations. Building upon real world examples and personal experiences from both the military and private sector, Dave describes how to create an agile, adaptable, resilient culture that can help your team maintain a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing world.


Building a Culture of Safety and Reliability

High-reliability organizations are built through high-reliability leadership. Drawing from firsthand experiences and lessons learned in the aviation industry over the past three decades, Dave discusses a leadership framework for creating a culture of safety and reliability that can help your organization prevent mishaps, protect your people, preserve resources, and improve quality by doing things right the first time.